13 May

Bloomington, Indiana is a city that's located between the southern part of the Tri-states and the downtown area of Indianapolis. Bloomington is a beautiful city for all who live here. Bloomington has several historical landmarks. The Bloomington Indiana Historical Society keeps an informative website. A tourist can also view photographs of the various landmarks.

Bloomington is also known for its festivals. The famous "Mods Week" is a celebration of all things mod-related. It's a time for all ages to get together and enjoy everything Bloomington has to offer. In July the "IU Midwest Home & Garden Centennial" is a three day festival featuring art and food. Visit the Museum of Bloomington, which features one of the largest collections in the region.

In addition to all the traditional landmarks, Bloomington has its own share of quirky sites and locations. The Museum of Bloomington History & Art features an exhibit that tells the full story of American history. The museum contains many artifact pieces that tell us about our early nation. In the basement of the building you can find a display on "The Great Depression of the 1930s." This display tells the full story of how the Great Depression was ended, and what the government did to rebuild.

The Illinois State Museum is another location that contains many landmarks. The Shedd Aquarium at Illinois State offers an "Arctic Shoreline Experience." You can learn about the ebb and flow of the Chicago River while looking at the many different creatures that call this the northernmost coastline.

The Illinois History Museum has a large permanent collection of people and events that tell the full history of the city and the state. You will see original court houses, public houses, factories, hotels, bridges, and more. The Hilton Gallery in the Science Museum of Illinois houses an exhibit dedicated to local art. The U.S. Soldiers' and Navy National Museum allow the viewing of some of the most dramatic battles in our nation's history. Other landmarks include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the U.S. Space Shuttle Orbiter, and the Jefferson National Airport.

Bloomington Indiana is a place with so many great attractions and landmarks. With so many options, you should be able to find a destination that is perfect for your family. Make sure you plan ahead and take advantage of all the Bloomington Indiana has to offer. It has something for everyone from museums to history to nature. So come and see for yourself!

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